L D A Y was founded on a simple principle: Make items that not only look great, but do good too.  We propose a re-definition of what it means to be a trend setter by making items that are not only stylish but also ethical, comfortable, and durable. This means that all of our products are made ethically in the USA from carefully sourced materials and a portion of our proceeds are donated to impactful charities worldwide.

L D A Y is driven by the following values:


Made in USA: We believe children should spend their time playing and exploring, not working. That’s why our merchandise is created sweat-shop free in the USA. By working domestically we stimulate the local economy, promote fair labor practices, and ensure that our items are made from materials of the highest quality.

Philanthropy: We believe that we are all part of a global community and that together we can create positive change. We contribute to this by donating part of our proceeds to impactful charities. We thoroughly research the charities we donate to ensure that every dollar is put to making this world a better place. We are working on bringing you the option to choose which of our carefully-screened charities your purchase contributes to. Our employees contribute to the well-being of our immediate community by volunteering at company sponsored events.


Environmental Consciousness: We believe that the well-being of our planet dictates our well-being. We acknowledge the negative impact of disposable fashion and are committed to creating merchandise that lasts from high quality materials. We currently offer upcycled and organic options and are working on converting our entire line. All of our packaging materials are made with post-consumer recycled materials, are 100% recyclable and are printed using soy-based inks. We base our sourcing and designing on knowing that the less materials used, the more eco friendly. This is intrinsic to our simple, modern aesthetic.


Modern Aesthetic: We believe that there is great beauty and intelligence in simplicity. Our modern aesthetic draws inspiration from the minimalism found in nature and architecture. Our designs are also inspired by the aesthetic commonalities we’ve encountered through our travels. Whether you are picnicking under the Eiffel tower, dancing till dawn in an underground bunker club in Berlin, riding your bicycle in Amsterdam, or heading to a local beach for some gnarly waves, we know that stylish and comfortable apparel will make you feel and look great.
Honesty: We believe in celebrating beauty in its many forms and realize this by not Photoshopping our models. We are also keen of using filters to emphasize landscapes but will never alter the bodies of our models to portray unrealistic ideals of beauty.


Put simply, if ethics and aesthetics had a baby, it'd be L D A Y



I created L D A Y as a way to qualm my soul by combining all of my passions. Through L D A Y, I am able to express my affinity for the modern aesthetic, use my hands to create something from nothing and contribute to the improvement of communities worldwide.



Studying architecture and traveling to see the forms I revered in books come to life is definitely my greatest stylistic influence. Being able to use my hands to create items that similarly define their surrounding space, is simply put - my ecstasy. To be able to combine these two in the creation of products that are ethically and consciously made fulfills my need to help others.


This need to contribute to the improvement of our world is stemmed from having a mother who once worked countless hours picking tomatoes for dollars a day. Knowing that she did this in order to give her children a better future instilled in me a responsibility to make this world a better place for all. Be it by ensuring that no one else’s parents’ have to endure similar conditions; or by creating gender neutral clothing that empowers us to express ourselves beyond dichotomous socially-constructed roles; or by creating art that sequesters carbon from the environment.


Even though L D A Y is just beginning, we’re innovating and creating the world we want to live in. We'd love to have you be a part of it!




















Lizette De Arkos

CEO + Founder of L D A Y


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